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Moonlit Onyx Bracelet

8 karat gold plated sterling silver, pearl, onyx

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  • Designer Mia found inspiration in the serene beauty of the night sky. She created the "Moonlit Onyx" bracelet, featuring luminous pearls and deep black onyx beads, linked by delicate gold chains. This bracelet captures the elegance of a moonlit night, symbolizing grace and mystery. Perfect for any occasion, it adds a touch of celestial charm, allowing wearers to carry the enchanting allure of the night with them.

  • Bracelet length adjustable between 6.2" (160mm) to 6.5" (163mm), onyx: 4mm, pearl: 5.2mm.

  • Crafted with 18 karat gold plated sterling silver adorned with onyx and pearl.

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